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Limit Number of Simultaneous Recordings


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Trying to get Emby set up to work as cable provider replacement.


The issue I am having is that I have a HDHR Quattro and an IPTV (M3U) source.


Works extremely well; however, the behavior when tuners are in use has been frustrating me.


At a minimum, I would like to limit the number of tuners that can be used for recording vs. live streaming.


Alternatively, if attempting to tune when all tuners are is use, I could be given the choice to interrupt.


Presently, I have 5 streams available from M3U and 4 tuners, so if there are items in a series, the server can theoretically record 9 programs and not let me tune another and the error is vague.


As an example of previous experience, giving the user the option to cancel a recording would be nice.  

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Hi.  This would fall under the general recording "Conflict Management" banner and there are already several similar requests out here for variations of that.


Better management of all of this is in our plans for the future.



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