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Defaults and Runtimes with Multiple Movie Versions (not resolutions)


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I've seen similar posts before, but they mainly have to do with the auto-selection of movie versions where the resolution is the primary difference.


I use multiple versions for such things as extended versions, director's cuts, various edits and so on.


The multiple version feature could use several improvements in this regard.


1. The ability to select the DEFAULT version.  For instance if I feel the Director's Cut is the definitive version, I would like to set that version as a default which will come up on the clients as the first or default selection.  In other cases, it might be the Theatrical.  Some movies have several versions like Dawn of the Dead or The Wicker Man.  It would be great to assign a number preference to order these.


2. I would like to see the display of the Run Time and Ends At dynamically change to reflect the currently selected version.  One version can be much longer and I would like to see those times reflected in the display. 




P.S.  Thanks for allowing us to use embedded track titles again in the display.  I spent a lot of time curating these and marking commentary tracks, etc.  So it is great to be able to display that now.

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I believe this has been requested before.


The biggest issue for me is that if I'm halfway through watching something, and then select it from "Continue Watching", it defaults to the default version instead of the version I'd been watching the previous time.


Thumbnails also only exist for one version, which makes seeking a pain if you're watching a different version to the one that has thumbnails associated. They still show up, but are inaccurate.

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