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Offline playback doesn't resume till online and reconnected to server.

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I searched but I couldn't seem to find an existing topic on this. I feel like this has got to be my stupidity because I can't see how no one has mentioned this before. So my apologies if this is a duplicate topic and can you please point me to the old one?


In case this is the first time this has been reported, I use offline sync to my mobile on Emby a lot now that I fully switched over from Plex. If I watch something offline and then close it, then come back later to it, it does not resume and I cannot find my left off point anywhere. However, as soon as I connect to my Emby server, my left off point is there and I can resume it on my phone, Android TV client, or HTPCs.


Interestingly, if I watch something offline and exit, then go online for like a minute and then go offline again, I can then resume from my left off point on my offline mobile client. So clearly the Android mobile client is storing my left off point offline somewhere. So why can't it resume or at least, why can't I get the time code of my left off point if I stay offline? Its quite irritating.



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I took a hard look at ..\data\data\com.mb.android on my phone and could not find where the left off point is stored. If no one can help the main problem here, can anyone help me find where the left off data is stored (when the client is offline) so I can extract the left off time code? I think I can create a Tasker task to extract the time code and stick it in my notification bar if I can find where this info is stored.

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I'm seeing this as well.


My smartphone was on airplain mode while doing this:

I closed the app, reopened it, went to "My Downloads" and started the episode that was there.


Now it's where it gets interesting:

If I stopped watching and remained on the detail page and restarted it from there without going elsewhere in the app, it wouldn't remember where I left the episode the last time.

But if I went one more step back (outside the detail page) and went back to the same episode it would remember.


This is reproducable.


Hope this is somehow clear, if not just let me know, I will then do a small video showing the issue.



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