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Playing next up in... not working


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I am using Emby in Docker on Debian Stretch.

Since the last update the Playing next episode feature is not working.

I only found a topic for nvidia shield, somewhat describing this problem: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/68427-play-next-episode-automatically-not-working-anymore-on-shield/page-2?hl=%2Bplaying+%2Bnext+%2Bepisode&do=findComment&comment=684502


* The feature is enabled for my user and the popup is showing.

* If I click on the popup "start now", it will work, if I wait for it to do automatically it will end in a never ending loading circle.

* I disabled hardware transcoding, still no difference

* Does not work for both old and freshly imported files.

* Switching to an older docker container still exhibits this behaviour


How can I debug this further?





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Hello, I have the same issue when watching shows in the browser,  If I click on start now it will play, if I wait, it will just show the loading circle.  I'm running the same version, on a CentOS system. But it works fine when I'm using the Android Emby player on my phone.

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I am using Firefox 64 on Arch and Windows.


I am playing a series and the Popup comes, that the next episode is going to start.

Then nothing happens and this loading cycle comes up, which will btw stay, if I press the on-screen back button.

This is only happening in the Web Client, on my FireTV it works flawlessly.



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