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Hi. I wish to use the "custom css" on the server settings as I wish to make the "solid background" more transparent so the backgrounds stand out more. However, I'm not sure how to use the custom css feature.

  1. Does this point to a custom css file or do you add your css into the box? If it is the latter then can the box be changed to a text area so you can format the code as we like?
  2. Can this also be implemented for the "login disclaimer" please as right now my disclaimer doesn't format right as the line breaks are in the wrong place. I tried using in-line HTML coding (<br>) but that just prints the coding inside the message,
  3. Finally, is there any documentation on the css so we know which object is called what? I know there's a few (unhelpful for beginner) posts in the forums but I don't appear to be able to find anything in the wiki.




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1. can be a file and/or text - and you can format the code easy enough within the box

2. dont use it so not sure

3. see css sub forum for lots of examples - css classes change quite often - so you have to update as they change - there is no wiki for css

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Thanks for the info, I'll take a look! Can't see a "Thanks" button anywhere so I'll say it out loud!  THANK YOU!

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