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Found 6 results

  1. Only tested beta server Might have some issues with left and right padding with this, depending on screen size/resolution. /*Remove Horizontal Scrolling*/ div.scrollSlider {flex-wrap: wrap; } div.scrollbuttoncontainer.scrollbuttoncontainer-right {display: none !important; } ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /*Remove Horizontal Scrolling set padding*/ div.scrollSlider { flex-wrap: wrap; padding-right: 2.5%; padding-left: 2.5%; } .scrollbuttoncontainer-right {display: none !important; } Side effects of removing all scroll is displaying all Cast and Crew, and Chapters images. This is what I used to keep scroll in cast and crew, and chapters. /*Remove Scroll from Home Screen*/ #homeTab div.scrollSlider { flex-wrap: wrap; padding-right: 2.5%; padding-left: 2.5%; } #homeTab .scrollbuttoncontainer-right {display: none; } /*Remove Scroll from TV Suggestions and Genre tab*/ #tvPage div.scrollSlider { flex-wrap: wrap; padding-right: 2.5%; padding-left: 2.5%; } /*Resize Genres images to genre display limit*/ #tvPage div.pageTabContent.tabContent.genresContainer.is-active .overflowPortraitCard {width: 9vw; } /*Remove Right Scroll button and Suggestions*/ #tvPage .scrollbuttoncontainer-right {display: none; } /*Remove Scroll from Movies Suggestion and Genre tabs*/ #moviesPage div.scrollSlider { flex-wrap: wrap; padding-right: 3%; padding-left: 3%; } /*Resize Genres images to genre display limit*/ #moviesPage div.pageTabContent.tabContent.genresContainer.is-active .overflowPortraitCard {width: 9vw; } /*Remove Right Scroll button*/ #moviesPage .scrollbuttoncontainer-right {display: none; }
  2. mgutijae86

    CSS questions

    Hi, i am new with emby and i have two questions: - How can I modify a CSS file? Where is It? - Is possible to get the library view like Disney+?? Something like the picture Thanks in advance!
  3. FredFrin

    Custom CSS - HowTo Intro

    Hi, I'm running emby-server in docker on my linux server & accessing via the web-interface from other boxes. I've seen numerous mentions of a 'custom css' feature - but need a hand getting started: Looking inside the docker emby-server container I see numerous css files under /system but these are all minimised. I guess it is possible to copy & modify these and volume mount the edits over the existing files to achieve mods - but mention of 'css feature' makes me think there is another mechanism intended for this which I've not yet found. What is the intended method of adding / modifying css eg for the web-interface or android app? At the end of the day some files need to be stored somewhere & pulled in by the app - so Firebug / Chrome dev draw editing can only be for testing. Is there an editor in the web-interface I've missed? I've searched the forum & looked at the User Guide & not found a HOWTO Intro - sorry if I missed something ... FF
  4. dimmthewitted

    Does Custom CSS even work?

    I understand this only affects the web view. When I plug css into the Custom CSS section, the code does not render on the page. Here is some example code, just to see if I could affect the page: .card {display:none} .tabcontent {display:none} #indexPage {display:none} .SkinHeader {display:none} .homeSectionsContainer {display:none} Is any one else seeing this not working? I have Emby running on a Linux (Ubuntu).
  5. Is there any easy way to mange the size and opacity/color of the main slider in the web browser using custom css?
  6. adelphiaUK

    Help Needed: Custom CSS

    Hi. I wish to use the "custom css" on the server settings as I wish to make the "solid background" more transparent so the backgrounds stand out more. However, I'm not sure how to use the custom css feature. Does this point to a custom css file or do you add your css into the box? If it is the latter then can the box be changed to a text area so you can format the code as we like? Can this also be implemented for the "login disclaimer" please as right now my disclaimer doesn't format right as the line breaks are in the wrong place. I tried using in-line HTML coding (<br>) but that just prints the coding inside the message, Finally, is there any documentation on the css so we know which object is called what? I know there's a few (unhelpful for beginner) posts in the forums but I don't appear to be able to find anything in the wiki. Thanks Chris
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