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What's the state of HW transcoding for QNAP x53A?


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Hi Guys and Gals


I'm looking into Emby at the moment, I have bought a premium month to test it out.

I do very much like the speed of the UI, and the design of it is mostly good. The recognizing of


I have a few issues with HW transcoding. Does it work at all?


The NAS I'm running it on is a TS-853A, it uses an Intel® Celeron® quad-core 1.6GHz.

I can see that it's recommended to use VAApi, but I don't see any help CPU wise in that, it goes straight to 100% CPU utilization when just doing playback.

This makes it unusable for me, as the NAS has quite a few other jobs (Virtualization Station) that is quite important.


Being a newbie in Emby, I'm not sure where to get any information for you to help me out.


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Yes i does work on my 853a - although there are a few types of codec where it does not


But to be honest anything more than a single 1080p transcode is about your limit


Much better to have your media in a format your client apps can play directly (so no transcoding) - then 4k etc is no problem at all


What version of the server are you using?

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I see, on plex, which I also use, I don't see that limitation currently. If I activate hardware acceleration I see a load for the transcoder of about 0.14% when doing playback on the same movie, on the same tv.

I simply don't have the time to convert all my media to some format all my different tv's, pc's and chromecasts can handle, that's not doable, and even harder to find a format they all support across platforms and brands.

If I were to switch out the NAS, what should I choose? Do I have to go all the way to a TS-882 to get proper performance?

The Emby is v3.5.3.0

The QTS is

The NAS has 4x6TB WD Red + 1x250 GB SSD as cache

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