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[Bug] original titles with non-English characters not found when searching.

Karl Blixt

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Karl Blixt

I recently noticed that movies with original titles which contains non-English characters isn't found when the search phrase contains the non-English character.


I can reproduce this 100% of the time for any movie. steps:


1 - change the original title of any movie to something that contains a non-English character. (i.e I'll change the original title of "Inside Men" to "Inside Män"


2 - replace the original title to something completely different. (i.e I'll change the title of "Inside Men" to "nothing"


3 - save metadata and enter the search page.


4 - type in everything up until the special character, and the movie should show up. (i.e type in "Inside M")


5 - the moment you enter the special character the movie is removed from the search result. (i.e "Inside Mä" remove the movie from the result)


using an alternative letter for the non-english letter for example ä->a or ö->o does not change the result. this leads me to belive that the search function is unable to read these special characters which the "normal" search function is able to read.


I'm using the latest server version on ubuntu 18.04


Can someone please confirm?

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