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I'm new at Emby and i have a few questions


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I just started to use this service, im a plex user that is closing cloud sync feature, i saw that emby also has the same service but there is some things what i dont really understand


In Plex im able to sync google drive and see all my movies there, i purchased emby premiere but i saw that i need to install a server in my pc to access to the administration, i did that and then installed google drive plugin and i set it up


But how i can add a library to browse my movies? i dont see such option


And it's totally necessary have a pshycal pc to handle the cloud content?


Because my internet provider doesnt allow the outside connections



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Hi, we don't support importing google drive content into emby server at this time. What we support is syncing content from emby server to google drive.


Please let us know if this helps. Thanks !

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Thanks again


When i go to download and sync this message appears


No downloads found. Create download jobs using the Download buttons found throughout the app.


Note: Google drive account has been configurated



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