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Found 20 results

  1. Hey, I am using Emby for a while now and I am wondering if there is a way to let emby access my video Files which are stored on Google Drive and Google Suite? It should access the files and stream them to my TV. Is this possible or do I need an Addon for that? Regards
  2. itsfks

    Remotely watch on cloud

    Hello, I have an Emby server at home. Streaming is perfect on the local network. I would also like to watch it when I leave home, but I have a very, very low (2mbps) upload, that is, the transmission has locks, bad image, etc. Would there be any way for me to work with the cloud server? Like the old Plex Cloud. Example: The server would still be in my house, but the movies would be sent to some cloud, or some server. so you could watch without locks, and with good quality. Is that possible, or something? Thanks in advance!!
  3. schmitty

    Local and cloud libraries

    Hello, I would like some clarification please. I currently have three tv and two movie libraries setup. I have a local and cloud library for tv and movies, and I set up a third tv library which merges the local and cloud tv libraries, which I only access at the moment for testing. The idea was to, while I am in the process of moving media across to the cloud have one library which merges the two together... for some reason though, it doesn't seem to work that way. It is showing duplicate series... one from local and one from cloud, instead of merging the two.
  4. Tout d'abord bravo pour la communauté francophone d'Emby et pour Luc qui est su présent. Je suis nouveau avec Emby et Synology. J'ai fait un mini test d'EMBY et je suis antousiasmé par les résultats. J'ai transmis un fichier video MKV à mon chromecast à partir d'un fichier video avec son Eac3 et en prime les sous-titres ont suivis. Voici la démarche de ce qui ne fonctionne pas bien: * J'ai installé "Emby pour android" sur mon cellulaire * J'ai bloqué spécifiquement l'application Emby pour qu'il n'utilise pas les données Internet mobile * J'ai activé les journeaux sur Synology
  5. The text in English will follow. Je suis nouveau avec Emby et Synology. J'ai fait un mini test d'EMBY et je suis antousiasmé par les résultats. J'ai transmis un fichier video MKV à mon chromecast à partir d'un fichier video avec son Eac3 et en prime les sous-titres ont suivis. Voici la démarche de ce qui ne fonctionne pas bien: * J'ai installé "Emby pour android" sur mon cellulaire * J'ai bloqué spécifiquement l'application Emby pour qu'il n'utilise pas les données Internet mobile * J'ai activé les journeaux sur Synology pour obtenir la trace de ce qui accède les fichiers *
  6. Hello, I'm coming from Plex due to their abrupt decision to end support for Cloud Servers. I have about 4TB hosted on Google Drive, and as of 11/30 will not be able to access it. Someone mentioned "Emby" as a Plex alternative, so I've been scoping it out. Hearing that Cloud Servers was an Emby "Premiere" feature and you don't offer a trial for a few hours or days, I paid $5 for the month and installed Emby to see how it's playback from Google Drive compared to Plex's. I've been tooling around with Emby for the last 2+ hours, frustrated with not being able to access my Cloud content after
  7. Hello I just started to use this service, im a plex user that is closing cloud sync feature, i saw that emby also has the same service but there is some things what i dont really understand In Plex im able to sync google drive and see all my movies there, i purchased emby premiere but i saw that i need to install a server in my pc to access to the administration, i did that and then installed google drive plugin and i set it up But how i can add a library to browse my movies? i dont see such option And it's totally necessary have a pshycal pc to handle the cloud content? Becau
  8. gospelsites

    Google Drive - MENU Specific

    Hello good afternoon, Is it possible to create separate menus so that files uploaded to Google Drive are REPRODUCED before the local file that is in the emby? How could I do that? The preference is to play the media in Google Drive, not the local server. Thank you Long live Emby
  9. Your current storage plan of 1 TB for $9.99/month will be upgraded to 2 TB at no extra cost. Your storage is still shared across Drive, Gmail, and Photos.* With Google One, get direct access to experts for help with Google products and services, invite up to 5 family members to share your storage plan, and enjoy a few extras. You don’t need to do anything. In the coming weeks, we’ll send you an email to confirm your upgrade is complete, with more details on what you can do with Google One. At that point, you’ll be billed for Google One instead of Google Drive
  10. I just released a completely reworked channel plugin for SoundCloud! If you are interested in testing: Download the plugin dll from here: https://github.com/softworkz/Emby.Channels/releases/tag/Beta1 Update: The new plugin version is now available via the catalog! Restart Emby In Server Adminisration, go to the Plugins page, find the SoundCloud plugin and open the settings Enter you credentials for SoundCloud (without credentials you will see some general content in the channel, but for the real experience you need to provide your login data for SoundCloud). Go to the E
  11. I've tried to manually install Emby server on Azure VM. It was easy and it worked. However VM is not persistent and so deployment solution (unattended setup and configuration) would be needed. Has anyone done something like this? Thank you, Rus
  12. Hello The emby works correctly with Amazon Cloud and Google Drive? Someone who is using these resources can tell you if it works? Thanks again
  13. famadorian

    Hosted Emby

    Any companies offer hosted Emby? I've tried searching, but not able to find any.
  14. archangelz

    Amazon Cloud Drive Plugin

    Amazon just released an unlimited cloud storage option for $59.99. Right now it is the most attractive storage option and syncing a large multi-terabyte library should be possible. Google Drive currently limits users to 1TB/user. Google drive plugin currently works fine, but Amazon would be a great addition! http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=176060&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2028891
  15. For me, SoundCloud is one of my favorite sources for music content. I love digging through its content and following connections between SoundCloud users. Having this content available within Emby would allow accessing it even from situations where you got nothing more than a remote control at hand. The existing SoundCloud channel plugin apppeared to be of rather low value to me. Personal information (with login) was limited to playlists and the implementation was subject to quite a few bugs and issues and hasn't been updated to accomodate the API changes at SoundCloud. At this point I
  16. Chillout

    Emby Sync

    How can I tell if sync is streaming from the cloud instead of the server? I've been playing around with the sync option and have sync'd several videos to the Google cloud drive. When I play them remotely I cant tell from the dashboard which source its streaming from. Whats the best way to see if this feature is working?
  17. leebo

    Dropbox Cloud Sync Comments

    I'm interested in the new Cloud sync plugin just announced. The developer asks for feedback, but no link is given to provide it, and the announcement thread is closed to comments. Is there already a thread for this topic? My first question about this plugin would be regarding copyrights. I thought if a user uploads a movie, TV show, or album, each of the cloud providers would either remove it, or demand proof of purchase. This could become a hassle if one makes frequent use of this plugin. Am I incorrect? Otherwise, this could be the solution for those of us who use a VPN service. I ha
  18. michael_sutherland

    Streaming from Cloud - Stopped Working

    Hi All @ Emby, Was wondering if somebody could help. I have got my Emby instance up and running and so far everything is working great (Brilliant work BTW) I set up three user accounts and they were working fine. I had set two of the accounts so that playback was allowed but i did not allow playback that requires transcoding. This was working great and every time either two of the users played media from my library it streamed from the cloud. I suppose its worth mentioning that all my content is synced to the cloud with profile Baseline - Low Quality. and all content was p
  19. sedvideo

    Cloud Sync

    I'm confused. Trying to use the new Cloud Sync to Google Drive. I just became a supporting user, have the google drive sync tool installed, and don't see a sync option by any of my media on my server. Any thoughts?
  20. According to my insurance advisor, I should have a back up option for the information that is stored by my staff on the computers on a daily basis. It seems that the data about the clients projects should be stored and backed up at one place where surety of retrieval is high. My insurance advisor has recommended Ahsay backup software as one of the best solutions since there are varied options and discounts. Can anyone tell me about other inexpensive options for cloud back up in the region? I really don’t want to spend that much and my need is of 10 TB only as of now.
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