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No channels on Hauppauge HVR-2250


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Hello all,


New Emby user here still testing the watters. Things seem to be working OK so far, except for Live TV where I'm hitting a bit of an issue.


Here's what I've got (working) so far:


- Hauppauge HVR-2250

-- This works fine under WinTV, Plex, Kodi, MediaPortal and NextPVR 

- I've installed the lattest drivers for the card, and WinTV Version 7. All of this works fine

- Emby can actually see the Tuner in the list: 

-- 5bd5feefc7c02_Capture.png

- SchedulesDirect is also set up correctly (at least I think). I do have this working in NextPVR.


Where things break: There are no channels! I go to map channels and there's nothing in there :/ 


So I've reverted back to using NextPVR for now with the pluggin, and it is working ok, but would really prefer to use built-in functionality from Emby to really try it all out. 


Any clues as to why it's not working?




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with emby native Hauppauge  you do not need to map channels


do you see channels in the guide when using emby


also add you SD to emby

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Sorry for the delay in response guys. 


So no, once I remove the nextpvr plugin, there's nothing in the guide or under channels. It's all just blank. I've got my SD info all set up as well. 


Are there any logs that would be usefull? Anything you want me to try while debugging ? 


I flipped everything back to NextPvr, and that works, execpt recording seems to fail ( didn't have time to set anything up there, so that's probably just config).

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Yes.  I did upgrade to wintv8 and I can now get the channels to show up in Emby but mostly I get errors that it cannot tune to channels and when it does tune it plays in a laggy stop-motion kind of way....despite it playing just fine in the wintv software.

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