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Server fails on trancoding audio


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Hey, I'm still learning Emby, moving away from Plex. I don't seem to be able to sync any audio to my phone. Whatever the settings (bitrate), transcoding fails (whether from FLAC or MP3, whether from playlist, album or an individual song). I'm attaching a log. 


I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, the latest emby server as of now (Version beta).


There's some problem here: 

[NULL @ 0xff2fc0] Unable to find a suitable output format for '/var/lib/emby/sync/12/41/f9683eab-6e45-4945-ba8b-462fffdcf8dc'
/var/lib/emby/sync/12/41/f9683eab-6e45-4945-ba8b-462fffdcf8dc: Invalid argument


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Official ZTE 7.1.1, with July 2018 security patch. Natively, it can play almost any media file I throw at it, including HEVC, so there shouldn't be a problem. 

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I did so (subscribed to the beta Android app and updated it, so I have the beta version now) and I also updated to the latest beta of Emby Server. And managed to transcode and sync two audio files (a FLAC and a 320kbps MP3) to my device at 192kbps. Great. I didn't have more time to check this more thoroughly, will do so in 12 hours or so.


I'm hooked on Emby and will cancel my Plex subscription, the level of customer support here is unprecedented. And problems are resolved! Unlike Plex where I (and not only me) have been waiting for a resolution on a pretty substantial core functionality for ages. At the same time, Plex is heavily suffering from feature creep. Hope nothing like that is going to happen to Emby any time soon.


One quick observation/question on the sync function. In the previous version, I could set manually the sync folder on my device (Android), in the new version there's a dropdown box with Internal option only. Before, I could not only choose between Internal/External but also select a folder in those location. In the latest beta android version, the sync files are put in the standard Android data folder. While this is not a major drawback for me (the phone has large internal memory) it was still nice to be able to manually select a folder, such files were then easily accesible by any other app. Is this functionality deprecated now (I mean the possibility to manually select the sync folder)? With the previous install, I synced an episode of a TV show to External SD and it is still visible and playable from within the app.


Thanks all Emby team for their incredible work.




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Hi @@caroig, thanks for the feedback !


Yes about the download location, unfortunately that is the cost of the improved download stability. Instead of being able to choose any folder you want, now you can only choose Internal or External, and the downloads go to pre-defined folders for our app regardless of which one you choose.


We wanted to switch the native android system download service, which we have done, but that also means we have to accept it's limitations.


Anyway, if you are only getting an Internal selection, that will be fixed in the next beta. Thanks !

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