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Just some simple images


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What a nice surprise when woke up just now, to see all the completed icons, and with different images to choose from to boot.

These will definitely add colour to my Emby home page.

You obviously live on the other side of the world to have done all this work while I slept. :)

Theres just the last one to do - Phone Uploads. (sorry to be so demanding) :)


Thanks you so much and I hope others will use these as well.

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These are wonderful! 


I have one humble request:  could we get an icon for IPTV? 


Do you plan on packaging all of these up for a central download at some point?



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Sure I can, I have an IPTV one already but will likely make a couple different ones. I can also post a zip of all of them to Dropbox if that works. Here it is for now. 



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I have added a DB link to the zip file as my sig. There are extras in there that I didn't post because I felt I would be the only one to find them useful. 

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Arly (Sprinkles)

In search of some TV Specific Genres (Not sure if you've made all on this list, and if there are duplicates, sorry):

  • All [A General TV Folder with that text overlay]
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Sit-Coms
  • Superheroes & Comics
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Anime

Looking to replace my existing TV Genre Graphics, and these ones are awesome!


UPDATE: I've removed the genres from the list above which you have already made and have implemented those specific ones into my server. The other ones would be great, if you have a few minutes to spare! Thanks in advance!

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