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For whatever reason, I thought the "Collections" category was gone, but it was my own stupidity lol. So I simply replaced the text from "Box Sets" to that in case anyone wants it. 


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Hi PuffyToesToo


I've just found your thread and love the simple clarity of your folder icons.

I have been modifying and using Xzeners icons for many years, using a Photoshop template, but would now like to add a bit of colour to my Emby home page.


Would it be possible for you to add to your expanding collection, the following:

Recorded TV

Home Videos

Phone Uploads




I know this is a lot to ask (and I feel a little cheeky at even asking)

There is no hurry for this, just when and if you have the time.

Or if you have a template that you could give me so I could make my own.


Regards rikiwi

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