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Gamebrowser no longer showing Play button in Emby Theater


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Thank you in advance to anyone able to help!

So I have had games working for at least 6 - 12 months, I went to look at external player settings so that I could duplicate it on my laptop. When I go to view the "working" external plugin, it doesn't show any game system as an option. Once I exit the external player menu and go back to games library, the Game no longer has a Play Button (has had play button for nearly a year). I check all XML info and the games match the system info.


Here is are screenshots of everything I would imagine you would ask me to do. If you have any ideas PLEASE!! let me know. I have searched forums all day and haven't had any success. Tried everything I could think.



                             Console XML                                                                                              PlayStation XML                                                                                PlayStation Game XML





          Games Library Path




             Game System Paths in Plugin



         External Players in Emby Theater




      Previously Working External Path (Games System was empty when I clicked edit External Player)



       Play button was here until I clicked Edit External Player (No changes made to player)



       Last Still Working Console (Only console I didn't click Edit External Player on)


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