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Safari web client signs in on iPhone, but not iPad Mini


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I have server Version 3.0.5192.19560 and iOS 7.1 on both my iPhone 4s and iPad mini. I can successfully navigate the web client and dashboard on my iPhone, but not on my iPad mini. When I attempt to load the dashboard, the page begins to load and then jumps to the sign in page. When I click my user icon, a spinning circle pops up and goes on indefinitely. On my iPhone, sign in is successful and I can then move through dashboard and web client without any problems.



When using chrome on my iPad, I can successfully sign in, but run into similar issues already reported of not being able to access any media due to a grey screen/spinning circle issue. Thus why I am trying to use safari.


Any ideas as to why my iPhone would work and the iPad is getting hung up? Thanks.


I have included the log file for the last few mins when I was able to sign in via iPhone, but then got stuck trying to do the same on iPad.

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