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Subtitle Thai Font is not being used

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Hi Guys,


I am running Emby and Plex on the same Ubuntu 16.04 Server and using the same media files and am running into this issue.




Compared to Plex




These are using the same media file and same subtitle file.


What this appears to me is that Emby is not using the fonts on the Linux box and assuming everything is in default language.  Both of these are set to direct play and not transcoding.


Is there something I need to so in order to install alternate language fonts in there?  My wife is Thai, so she wants the Thai subtitles and I prefer Emby over Plex.


All I could find in the log files was a whole bunch of this in the transcode file while I was testing stuff:

[Parsed_subtitles_1 @ 0x837460] Glyph 0xDC0 not found, selecting one more font for (Droid Sans Fallback, 700, 0) 

Seems like it is not finding relevant items and falling back to Droid Sans Font.


Been searching and googling for a couple of hours.. come up with no fix so far.  Can Anybody point me in the right direction?




PS: On a side note.. anyway to get the auto subtitle downloads to store in the actual media folder like the artwork? Even with the setting set to store in media files... it keeps it in the /var/lib/emby/metadata/... section

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Hi, what kind of subtitles are these?


This particular one is .ssa  (  Divergent.2014.th.ssa )  but it does the same with .srt subtitles.  English ones display fine.  I would imagine it would have issues with hebrew, russian or anything that does not use the english fonts.

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Can you zip up some subtitles for testing and attach them here? thanks.


I have attached a file that contains subtitles from Divergent and Insurgent.


This is where it becomes weird.  English ones work with no issue.


Divergent.2014.th.ssa  - gives weird font


Insurgent.2015.th.srt   - weird font


Insurgent.2015.th.ssa  -  works and prints fine.


nfi what is going on here.  


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