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Particular series crashing or giving error


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I have an issue with my episodes of South Park, I just added them to my library so this isn't a case of 'they used to work, now they don't', they haven't worked properly as of yet. I either get the 'an error occured loading this content' or it begins to play the episode without sound, then the sound begins around 15 seconds later (in sync) and a few seconds later the whole app crashes.




I have attached the log - the latest crash occured at 11:00 / 11:01 but the log doesn't appear to have anything listed after 10:05 :huh:


on a side note, maybe I'm just being stupid but Emby is no longer saving logs to the programdata > logs folder, the only ones present are from a few months ago





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Hi, can you please provide that server log? that looks recent. why do you think it's from a few months ago? thanks.

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