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Where on earth did the backdrops go? (New update)


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This new update has wrecked my Emby Apple TV experience.

One simple question....WHY OH WHY did the developers remove the backdrops when I view a movie?


There is now a blank backdrop with a lonesome logo and I feel as bored as Helen Keller in an art gallery when viewing my movies. The way Emby USED to utilise backdrops on the Apple TV was glorious. Backdrops for Apple TV was the defining feature for Emby, and is what what made me move to the green side from Plex. 


Looking at the picture I attached, who in their right mind thinks the new update makes it look better...

Is this a simple mistake made by the Emby devs who accidentally removed backdrops? Or is this actually a decision made by the team? Because it is an absolute shocker of a decision if that's the case, and I am on the verge on cancelling my premiere subscription and moving back to Plex if its here to stay. 


So where did it go? Are you bringing it back? Am I wasting my time if its permanent? Couldn't the devs make an option to turn it on and off?

Hopefully I am not the only one who is irate. The new update has surely taken the Apple TV project two steps back.





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Hey @@jabm


We certainly haven’t removed the backdrops as a part of the update. Sometimes bugs sneak into the code that we can fix :)


Is this happening on every single one of your movies or specific ones?

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Hi Corey,

I hope it's an easy fix!

It's occurring on each of my 3 Apple Tv's (two ATV 4th Gens and one ATV 4K) and every single movie is affected. However, Collections and TV Shows work. Deleted and reinstalled the App and restarted the server. It is definitely as a result of the update.

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One more quick question. Do you manage your own background images or do you let Emby handle it for you?


Either way I believe I have an idea of where the problem is. I’ll get a fix submitted as soon as I can and will let you know.

Edited by corey
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I manage my own backgrounds as well as all other images and have spent many hours/days custom making them, hence my dismay. Seems to only be the Apple TV that is affected, as all other devices and platforms are working fine!


Awesome news, Thanks

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