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Emby client in Russia

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I have UE49MU6100UXRU TV.


In December I didn't find Emby client in Samsung store on my TV and went to your site and checked out for information. There was a note about "UK, US and Ireland".


I waited for two months and then asked you in twitter. There was no answer. I called Samsung Support and they told me that app is not released in my region not because of Samsung decision but because of app developer's. Then I waited a couple months more and now I'm here.


Can you tell me at least estimated date of Emby app release in Russia? As I wrote in my tweet I'm deciding between Emby Premiere and Plex Pass. If it will not be available in foreseeable future then I'll choose Plex instead of Emby despite of my sympathy to the last.

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Hi, hopefully within the next couple of months, but that depends on things happening that Samsung has told us they will do, so hopefully it all works out.

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Soon it will be a year since I'm using US region on my TV. It's pretty inconvenient since I can't install some of Russian local service apps (like Kinopoisk.ru) from the store.

Was Emby already released in Russia?

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