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LG OLED65E6P Not Showing in Devices List


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Hey Everyone,
Long time Kodi/Plex user and Emby lurker, and recent Emby Premier subscriber thanks to forum member pclausen for showing me the way.  :)
In all seriousness, it's become increasingly obvious to me that as both Emby and Plex mature, Emby simply has the more compelling feature set, and I find it direct plays more of my library than Plex on the same devices. I am having one small issue, however.  One of the features I love most about Emby is the ability to lock down devices and users.  With multiple kids in the house it's nice for a user to be jailed to a particular mobile device and have limited content.
Additionally, I have generic users that stay logged in to our primary TVs.  In this particular case, I have a user called LG-TV that is logged in to the LG WebOS Emby app on my LG OLED display.  The issue I'm seeing is that the LG TV device never populates in the devices list, under Devices > Devices.  In both the Active Devices and Recent Activity in the dashboard, however, I see the device just fine. Not sure why it identifies as Emby Theater, but here's some sample detail:
LG-TV has started playing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
4/9/2018, 1:13:37 pm
App: Emby Theater, Device: LG Smart TV
Log snippet:
2018-04-09 13:13:37.031 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST http://server:8096/emby/Sessions/Playing. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Web0S; Linux/SmartTV) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/38.0.2125.122 Safari/537.36 WebAppManager
You probably know where I'm going with this - since it never populates in the Devices > Devices list, it's not available in the user profile as a device in the Users > username > Access > Device Access list.  Thus, I have to leave the box checked for, "Enable access from all devices" for this user to work at all on the LG display.  For further reference, I have a Roku TV (TCL P-Series) that shows up just fine as a Roku SG 3.0.64 device.  
Some requisite specs:
Display: LG OLED65E6P
TV Firmware: 05.30.25
WebOS: 3.3.3_3707
Emby Server Version for Windows
Is this expected behavior for the WebOS app?  I did confirm with another LG TV user (WebOS 2.0) that his LG app was doing something similar.  Is there a way to get this app device in the list so I can limit access?


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Hi, thanks for the report. We'll resolve this for the next release of the app, although we've already submitted an update so it could be two releases from now. Thanks !

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Man, Luke, I've been in IT for nearly 20 years, much of that time in a support capacity, and I don't know how you do what you do.  Dealing with the constant nagging from mostly non-paying customers would drive a man to drinking.  I've read the other threads on LG's submission process, so I'll wait patiently for the upcoming releases.  Frankly, it's reassuring to know how much continued effort you guys/gals put in to supporting these apps - and how much customer feedback factors into that process.  


The Emby Team's (namely your) responsiveness in these forums was no small part in my decision to finally commit to Emby.  If there's ever an Emby gathering, the first round is on me, Luke!

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