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OT : How to Get YouTube on Roku or Sky’s NowTV Box


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Not sure if people are aware, but it is possible to get a YouTube channel on their Roku - I've only just discovered it myself.


There is a side-loadable ZIP file available here that allows you to load an "un-official" YouTube channel to your Roku.


As it is side-loadable, it can also be added to the Now TV box, but it will overwrite any other side-loaded app already installed, such as the MB3 Roku app.


I have it installed onto my daughter's Roku 2XS and she uses it to watch "MineCraft" videos.


She has watched a lot of these videos and hasn't complained once about any problems, so it is fairly stable.


More information can be found here.


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Koleckai Silvestri

With the Roku 3, you can install the YouTube channel from the Roku store. That is how I have it available.

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