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HEVC / x265 video playback issues iPhone 7 iOS 11.2.6


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Please find below my media playback issue report:


Source file stream mediainfo:

  • Video: 4998 Kbps, 1920*1080 at 23.976 fps, HEVC (Main@L4@Main)
  • Audio: 495 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 6 channels / 2 channels, AAC (LC)

Playback results:

  • Emby:
  • Playback Device: iPhone 7 Plus
  • Playback OS: iOS 11.2.6
  • Player: Safari
  • Instance 1: Occurred ~00:53 - Emby user profile with enabled video transcoding policy - Playback result: Video and Audio transcoded to h264/mp3
  • Instance 2: Occurred ~01:05 - Emby user profile with disabled video transcoding policy - Playback result: Black/blank video output, stuttering audio output.


Attached are obfuscated logs. Happy to private message the original logs but this should be more than enough detail.


Note: I attempted using Aloha browser (my goto for iOS), and the iOS app and got the same results as with Safari, but was expecting transcoding in both. No fault found. 




Edit 20170304 - Attachment deleted by user.

Edited by lateparty
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Hi, it doesn't look like in any of these logs you actually had transcoding disabled.

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Ok I see in the log you did direct play. We're direct playing to the apple player. There's not a whole lot we can do change how it behaves. For this reason I would suggest just trusting the defaults and allowing it to transcode.

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