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Movie Boxset icons

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Apologies for the gallery's having been taken down, for now they are no more,

I do have one host I dont much care about so maybe in the near future I'll push everything there for you guys.

In the mean time I've repaired all of the download buttons to once again actually download + I've merged everything the community has built using my provided photoshop tutorial and files. and speaking of....


Here is a link to the Photoshop files and VIdeo guide on building these.


I personally no longer contribute to this project aside form the odd clean up and merging of new works done by you guys,

but dont let that deter you from requesting something if running photoshop isnt something you can do or have access to.

There are still several members here that will most likely be willing to help you out. You just need to ask nicely. :D



As for the plethora of other old projects of mine, they too can be acquired from mediafire by following this link.

There's a fair amount of other tutorials, icons, backdrops, and idk what else all dumped there in one place to make it easier to grab what you want. So go ham, get any or all, it's there for the taking, but most of all, please enjoy ;)

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Hi demonseed (and all other guys who contributed to this fantastic cover set)

I just registered to this forum and would like to ask, if this would be the right place to suggest / ask for some new collection covers? I already watched your thread in the "old" forum.

I would be very happy, if some of the following collections could find the way into your sets:


Aces Go Places Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/2643-zuijia-paidang-collection)

Bad Ass Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/261286-bad-ass-collection)

Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/256571-blood-and-ice-cream-trilogy)

Dr. Mabuse Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/search/movie?query=dr.%20mabuse&page=1)

Grown Ups Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/180546-grown-ups-collection)

Laurel and Hardy Movie Collecation (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/161055-laurel-and-hardy-movie-collection)

Miss Marple (Margeret Rutherford) Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/749-miss-marple-margeret-rutherford-collection)

Otto Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/232403-otto-reihe)

Pater Brown Reihe (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/221691-pater-brown-reihe?language=de)

The Red Riding Trilogy (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/93565-the-red-riding-trilogy)

Three Colors Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/131-trois-couleurs)

Der WiXXer Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/68589-der-wixxer-trilogie?language=de)


Greeting from Germany



EDIT: Here are some more requests:

Elite Squad Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/119581-elite-squad-collection)

In China They Eat Dogs Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/95891-i-kina-spiser-de-hunde)

Nymphomaniac Collection (http://www.themoviedb.org/search/movie_collection?query=nymphomaniac)

Thanks a lot in advance

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@@thenessie - if you have Photoshop available you can do it yourself with the help of Demonseeds great tutorial and templates! I started doing this myself and posted some in old site: Diamond Boxset Collection [up to date]

I know that those aren't perfect because I don't care about cleaning CD covers before the batch process but they are fine for me :)

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Hi Coctus,

thanks for the hint. In the meantime I did exactly this and made me some Photoshop actions wich makes it really easy to create the covers I need. I made 12 Diamond covers until now. If someone gives me an eMail, where I can send my covers to share them with others, I would love to.

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Hi all,

a few box set artworks for the collection:


File links, rar'd - Each has 3D, Clear case & Diamond, created with the help of Demonseed's photoshop scripts.


Alfred Hitchcock - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Alfred_Hitchcock.rar

Buster Keaton - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Buster_Keaton.rar

Charlie Chan - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Charlie_Chan.rar

Despicable Me - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Despicable_Me.rar

From Dusk till Dawn - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Dusk_till_dawn.rar

Ghost in the Shell - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Ghost_in_the_shell.rar

Marx Brothers - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Marx_Brothers.rar

Phantasm - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Phantasm.rar

Scooby Doo - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Scooby_Doo.rar

Timecop - http://www.robertjenkins.co.uk/images-boxset/Timecop.rar



Feel free to copy them to any other online storage etc.



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Very nice rjenkins! Will use some of your creations for sure! I have around 90 sets in my collection and all artwork from this thread! Im going to create planet of apes set  artwork later and post here. 

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Really I love these Movie Boxset icons but the boxset of "Torrente" saga is missing and would like to create one.

But the above tutorial "How to setup a Movie Collection Boxset Media" does not exist.

Could someone where to find it?
Thank You

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Thanks Happy2Play but maybe I have not explained well.

What I do is a boxset Clearcase artwork and I have read time ago is done with Photoshop and need tutorial as is done

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If you can supply me with the images I'd be happy to make it for you.


EDIT - I think this is what you want. I've managed to find a main cover (I've edited it so it shows 1-5, not 1-4 as it did previously) and a disc for films 1-3. I'm using a placeholder for 4 & 5 (the posters for each movie). 


A sample is below, let me know if you like it and/or can find discs for films 4 & 5 and I'll upload the proper image.


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Just out of curiosity is anyone using these in the web client. I tried the one i showed earlier and it seems so much smaller than the regular poster images that it just doesn't look right to me. Shame really as I would set up a few for myself.

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Maleficarum, you've done an incredible job.


You're helping me a lot because I have not installed Photoshop and the worst is that I have no Photoshop skills.


I do not find images of disks but no biggie your artwork looks perfect.

It could be that the image was "ClearCase boxsets" (no black background)?


Thanks a lot

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Sure, the background was just for the sample image. I've uploaded it to my OneDrive along with the diamond and 3d versions. You can find it here.


Don't worry about the black you can see, that's just OneDrive not showing transparancy, it will show properly when you download.

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My first post here, as I registered just to post in this thread ;)


Is this project keeping up to date?  I have a few box sets downloaded from from links in the first post that are out of date as new movies in the set have been released.  I also have a few that I created from scratch using the Photoshop templates.  I would like to share them with others that may want them.  Would you like me to send them to you, so they can all remain in one place?  I can see this getting crazy with multiple versions posted is many different places, and people trying to find them.




In the mean time, I put the few that I have done on my OneDrive Account.


Sample Image:




Here are the ones that I created:


- Eating Out Collection-poster.png

- Jump Street Collection-poster.png

- Men In Black Collection-Poster.png (Updated to 3 movies)

- Nymphomaniac Collection-Poster.png

- Taken Collection-Poster.png (Updated to 3 movies)

- Jackass Collection-poster.png (Updated to 5 movies)

- Harold and Kumar-poster.png(Updated to 3 movies)

- Iron Man Collection-poster.png(Updated to 3 movies)

- Jackass Collection-poster.png(Updated to 5 movies)

- Transformers Collection-poster.png(Updated to 3 movies)

- Witch Mountain Collection

- Night at the Museum Collection (Updated to 3 movies)

- Bearcity

- National Lampoons Vacation Collection (Variation in color)

- Weekend at Bernie's Collection (Higher quality version)

- Jurassic Park (Updated to 4 movies)

- Rio (Created New Box Set)

- Ted (Added after Sequel was released)

- Cocoon (Created Set, 2 Movies)

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Added Rourin Kenshin Collection to my cloud online, see:

Diamond Boxset Collection [up to date]



I don't know if the author is still active - I posted my link to my googledrive and I will continue to add collections (at least for diamond and clearcase) for sets that are missing here. I would suggest to add your picture to your googledrive (if you have a google account) or skydrive like demonseed did here if you have microsoft account and post link to your folder here, so anyone can see your new stuff automatically :)

Later it would be great if those links could be added in first post or something like that ;)

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@cocotus: Sorry for the delay in responding, I did not notice the newly created page 2 ;)



I did exactly that, and just posted the images on my OneDrive.  I will continue to add more as I find the need to create them here for my collection.  I figure if I am creating them for my use, that someone else out there may want them as well.

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Heres another Update: Diamond Boxset Collection [up to date]



- Divergent Collection (2 movies)

- Chucky Collection (alternative, 4 movies)

- Avengers Collection (2 movies)

- Man with Iron Fists Collection (2 movies)

- Hunger Games Collection (updated to 3 movies)



Thanks for your contributions, Im using some of your work   B)

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