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"Channels not yet available" in Live TV


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On Roku, when I go to Live TV, I can see what's on now, and what's coming up, but if I click on "Guide" I get a pop at the bottom right, green background, white writing "Channels not yet available.  Please try again in a few seconds".  This message fades and reappears every few seconds.  On Emby Theater (Win10), the guide works just fine.  So, I'm concluding this is a problem with the Emby app.


I have tried power cycling the Roku, and rebooting the Emby server.  Also tried refreshing the live TV listings (schedules direct), but as I said, since it works fine in other apps, I'm not sure this is a server side problem...


If you have any ideas, I'd be happy to try them out.


Happy New Year!



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