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Is someone have a Chromecast v2 DLNA profile for Direct Play please?


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Hi !


I have a screen attached to a Chromecast v2.

I have a Raspberry Pi 2, with Emby server with DLNA support.


From my iPad, with the Emby official application, I can stream all my movies.


But, for each video, there is transcoding, my CPU is > 99% even for videos that don't require transcoding because the Chromecast v2 support it.


If I use a simple iPad application to play a DLNA video to my Chromecast (without any transcoding), I can play the same video with less than 5% of CPU usage.


So, I suppose this could be fixed if I create a ChromeCast profile to skip some supported audio/video codecs, to be in direct play, but it's really complicated for me to do this because there is a lot of informations to known, and my knowledges are too limited to fill this correctly.


I would like to known if someone have already created this DLNA profile and could share it please?


Best regards,



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We already direct play whenever possible. Can you please discuss a specific example? Thanks.

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Hi Luke,


For example, I have a video where Emby detect : 720P H264 5.1 DTS, the .nfo codec info are:


And when I play it from Emby application on the iPad to the Chromecast, my Raspberry Pi suffering ( > 99%, ffmpeg process )

If I play the same video from any simple iPad application player, that only detect the resources URI of the DLNA videa on my Pi and ask Chromecast to play it, this works like a charm with less than 5% CPU load.



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Ok, so how is it possible that I listen the sound of the video if I use a simple DLNA-to-Chromecast player (AllCast TV app) ?

May be ChromeCast v2 convert it on-the-fly himself to stereo ?

Because on the Pi, there is no active process when I use another player, and this works like a charm.

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hummm it's strange because this app doesn't doing transcoding.

If I totaly turn off the iPad after launching the video, the video continue to play, and I have the sound.

May be the video it's not really DTS (nfo error?). I'll check with others videos to see if it's always a DTS case.

I'll check that in few hours.

Thanks for your feedback Luke !

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