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FR: Chocolate Theme - Poster View Option Change


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Morning all,

First time posting on the new site.

I've been using an older version of MB for a while now, using an older version of Chocolate which someone (I forget who) adapted for me to get rid of the information bar at the bottom of the screen on poster view.


My server crashed over the weekend. I took the opportunity to upgrade from WHS v1 to WHS 2011, and hence to MB3.


Liking what I've seen so far. Still getting to grips with the metadata, BUT I wondered, if it's not out of order, whether I could make a suggestion for the chocolate theme.


I love Poster View. This is entirely subjective, but on an HTPC I think there is little more impressive than having a grid showing all your movie posters.


To my mind, and again I appreciate that this is entirely subjective and not everyone will agree, I think it looks way better without that horizontal bar at the bottom that tells you what movie is currently selected. I know what movie is currently selected, as the "folder" image is showing it. When someone altered chocolate for me on the old MB, they removed this bar.


I note that in the Chocolate options on MB3 there is option to not show end time, etc (apologies, not in front of my rig ATM< so can't recall exact option wording).


Would it be possible at all to have another Poster View option, which is "don't show horizontal info bar".


Pretty please?


Happy to post a picture to explain more if this isn't clear. Otherwise, good work everyone.







edit: Found my original thread   http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/7586/10-to-alter-chocolate-for-me

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