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Kodi, Kore & Emby - Kore no longer displaying artwork (Android)


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Before I was using Emby, when I'd use Kore to control Kodi, if something was playing, the Kore app on my android device would show the backdrop, poster etc within the App.


Now after setting up Emby and using it within Kodi, the Kore Remote no longer shows the poster or the backdrop within the App.  The cast pictures and preview image are also no longer showing in Kore.


Within the folders for each TV Show/Movie on the media server I can see the folder.jpg and the backdrop.jpg and they display fine within the web access to Emby and within Kodi.


My guess is that Emby is storing these media within it's own database and while these images are available via the addon in Kodi, it's not the case for the Kore app.


Anyone else seen a similar thing or have any ideas what to do?


I'm reluctant to change the settings in Emby to store the media within the TV folder because that will change the modify dates on the folders and ruin the order within Kodi (sorted by date modified), but if that's what I have to do, that's what I have to do.  


Attached are some screenshots, 2 from a computer I've not installed the Emby Addon in Kodi (Kodi1 & Kodi2) and the other (the main mediapc) has the Emby Addon installed (Emby1 & Emby2).


Any idea on what I should do to resolve this?







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Set the playback mode Native in the emby addon settings > sync options. You will need to reset your local database to apply the change (launch the addon, it will be near the end of the list). 


This will set the actual path to your content (so no remote access to your content). Kodi will need to have access to the media files.

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