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Media loading/transcoding


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This issue is present for me on the current version of Emby server, not sure what version the issue began. I have not changed any of my server setup settings. The issue I am currently now having is accessing the Emby server and beginning to stream media, the full duration of the video starts at about 0:09 and gradually increases as watching. For example, if a video were to be 45 minutes long, when beginning to stream emby will show 0:00/0:09 and as I jump to the end the duration increases incrementally. This is very annoying especially if I am trying to seek through the playback or continue where I may have left off on another computer or account I have to have the video playing and continuously click the end of the video to expand my available seek. Looking for any help I can get with this. Its happening more frequently now, especially with newly added media content. I have tested on different browsers and client devices. Have attempted setting the quality to different levels, including auto, issue is present throughout all tests. 


This issue occurs when connecting inside of my LAN via HTTP and externally via HTTPS with the emby generated self signed cert.


My server is running on Windows server 2008 R2 Virtual Machine

16 thread Xeon E5 2660 dedicated to the machine

8GB of RAM

12TB 7200RPM RAID 5 NAS for storage

70/70MBPS WAN and Gigabit LAN with a dedicated port on motherboard and switch for the VM. 

Maximum bandwidth for server is set to 35mbps via emby server management. 

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