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Recording conflict/reporting?


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Would it be possible to get better reporting on missed/failed recordings? for example the schedule page could display them with a visual clue on success or failure?


Also, it would be good that the scheduler give some feedback if there is a recording conflict during creation of a schedule as well as in the schedule page!


thank you!

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I too am very interested in this feature.  With multiple users of our antennae it is possible to inadvertently scuttle a recording by tuning a channel when more tuners are unavailable.  Also, please consider a tray icon to indicate a recording is in process ALA Windows Media Center.  This was hugely convenient to alert me when it was not a good time to reboot.


I went to some trouble to mount two antenna, each with their own Silicondust HDHR4-US tuner.  The picture is flawless with no dropouts.  The big Yagi on top pulls in the far away San Francisco stations, while the bowtie antenna brings in Fremont stations.  No RF combiner, antenna switch, rotor or amplifier.  Just tune the appropriate channel in Emby, the tuners are configured for the appropriate stations per antenna.



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Conflict management and reporting is on our list.  Just haven't gotten there yet.

How about failure reporting?  Maybe a "past recordings" would be advisable instead of polluting the upcoming recordings section?

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