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OGG and webplayer transcoding


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I would like to listen to 320Kbit OGG Audio and have two problems with that:

1. in Firefox 51 (linux, fresh profile, no addons, without nginx ssl proxy), there is no audio at all. song is stuck at 0:00. I can see the emby server transcoding in the logs. Playing mp3 works.

2. in Chromium (linux too) there is audio playing, but the OGG is transcoded to aac.


is there a known problem with firefox and playing aac?

can direct streaming of the ogg be enabled? i think chromium is able to play OGG.


using latets emby on up-to-date debian jessie and with https.


also using it behind nginx reverse ssl proxy because mono still seems to be unable to provide the certificate chain correctly?

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hi @@bhelm, welcome. I am resolving this for the next release so that the ogg files will direct play without transcoding.


as far as ssl goes, there are new features in mono 4.8 that we'll be investigating soon.


thanks !

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a quick test on emby-server_3.2.8-24.1_all.deb showed that OGG is still transconding in firefox (and therefore not working in my case).

which release do you exactly refer to as "next" release?

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@@bhelm, it is working fine in my testing here. I will double check on Ubuntu when I have a chance but on Windows, it is direct playing.


Please note, we are querying the browser to determine if it is supported or not, and going by what it says.

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