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Emby Keeps Crashing


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Hey, so lately my server has been crashing a lot... It started happening a few updates ago, but I don't know which update it started with because I had not been using it until about a week ago. 


So I have the server running on my 2011 Macbook Pro, and it has been working fine for me for a while with very few errors (some crashes here and there, but none like this). I keep my computer under my bed closed but still on so that everything can still be running.


Now... when I close my computer the server will either stay running for a couple of hours or maybe a day or so or it will shutdown in minutes. 


When I open my computer again it's still running (shown in the taskbar and on activity monitor); however, when I click on any of the button from the taskbar icon it opens the page but it doesn't load. I'll either get a network loss error, localhost not active error, or a too many open files error. So I exit the server to shut it down completely wait a few seconds and then start it up again.


Once I start it up, with any luck, I can get the page to load (but sometimes I have to exit and open more than once or completely reboot my computer to achieve this). 


What could be wrong? 

Logs attached below, I just updated to Stable and its still doing the same thing. 

the logs from 2.26.17 are from version and the one from 3.1.17 is from the latest version

Emby Server Log 2.26.17 1 (63623664000).rtf

Emby Server Log 2.26.17 2 (63623673690).rtf

Emby Server Log 3.1.17 (63623931027).rtf



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