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Box Set Plugin update Forbidden (F-Secure)

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Windows 10

Emby for Windows

Emby Version


So, I get this message that Box Set needs to update.


OK, takes a bit, but I remember how to update plugins.


Box Set Fails to update.




Do this a couple times, yep Fails to update.




Oh, hey, it's reply from server 403 Forbidden.


Go to Git Hub to download the plugin manualy, nope can't find it, but it doesn't matter, because when I try to redownload Emby Server 403 Forbidden.


Any one have any ideas???

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Auto Box Sets installation failed.
14 hours ago
The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
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Okay, the url that is getting rejected is a simple file link.  I suspect you have some sort of AV or other security software that is blocking the download.

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My AV is F-Secure, it scans and blocks potentially harmful files, hopefully regardless of the extension.  I can add exceptions, I just need to know what to add as an exception to make this work.

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A file exception is sort of useless if the file name changes with every release



Here is the link from your log you are having issues with.  Can you download it directly via your browser?

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  • Solution

okay, I found it, and can now download from embydata.com.  It was F-Secure.


For future reference to anyone that has this issue, this is how you currently fix the issue:


  1. Open F-Secure application.
  2. At the very bottom of the Window is "On Line Safety" click on it
  3. Opens a new window, click on Settings ->Browsing  Protection
  4. link at bottom "View web site exceptions" -> click the "Add..." button
  5. Enter "embydata.com" in the box and add it to the exceptions.

There will be need to use administrator privileges to do this.


Hope this helps.

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