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Changing Where Subtitles are Stored / Downloaded


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I'm using Emby installed on a Linux distribution.

My Media folder (video files only) live on a NAS unit being shared via cifs as read only to the Emby server.

I ensured that in the Library settings, the option to not store Metadata in the same folder as the media was selected.

I have configured the Subtitles function w/ my opensubtitle login info and have validated it works (via searching).


The issue I'm having, however, is that it wants to download the .srt file to the Media path (my cifs share). I don't want that, the only data I want on that filesystem is the raw movie files themselves.  I also don't want to expose write capabilities to the cifs share for security reasons (accidental deletion for example).

All the metadata gets downloaded and stored somewhere in the app when I choose that above mentioned option in Library creation, however, I can't seem to find anywhere to override the location of where subtitles are stored.

How may I go about, assuming it's currently possible, changing or providing a download path suitable to my configuration?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi.  I don't believe this is possible at this time.  Perhaps in the future.  The complicating factor here is that many players - when direct playing something - expect to find subtitle files alongside the media.

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At some point, some subtitles were downloaded into $INSTDIR/data/subtitles/0/<idstring>.srt as an example. That behavior is exactly what I want but I can't figure out how to make it use that area again or what I did to make it use that a few times in the past configurations.

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I wanted to follow back up on this. Is there a way to get updated if and when a feature like this is added?

Unfortunately, this is a show stopper, as I won't give write access to my library volume and the other solutions I evaluated don't have this limitation.


I'd love to support the product, but until that option exists, it doesn't work for me.



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