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IOS mobile Safari Music Playback (NOT app)


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Hi all


Playback device: mobile safari browser on ipad and iphone (ios 9.x), screen auto lock on (2 min)


When I try to play a Music-album on mobile ios safari browser it only plays the first title. After the Screen locks it does not continue. I have to unlock the phone for playback to continue.


I can not imagine that this is intended- what am I doing wrong?


(I dont know if this is related, but when I press "play" on emby-interface I have to press "play" again on local iphone player. So it seems to use external player, not browser)


Anyone can help?



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Are you saying that on mobile devices I can only play one item at the time? that's it?

I hope thats not true...

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No, android does not have this behavior. I actually have not seen this problem on iOS safari myself so it could be something going on on your send. 


I am only saying that if it were happening, the pure web app has no ability to tell the system that it needs the ability to run in the background and stay alive even with the screen off. That's if it were happening, which to my knowledge it isn't.

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