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Cannot connect on LAN, Windows 2012 Server


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I'm unable to connect to the server from other computers on my LAN, only on the local machine (e.g.


Some things I've tried:

  • Added rules to Windows Firewall
  • Disabled Windows Firewall (turned it off within Windows Firewall; separately disabled the service)
  • Used other ports

There is no other firewall software on the server that I'm aware of. For my sanity, I installed Emby on a Windows 10 machine and it worked flawlessly the first time. Is there anything else I could be missing?


Netstat results below:


  Proto  Local                   Foreign              State                    PID

  TCP            LISTENING          11944 (Emby)
  TCP    [::]:8096              [::]:0                   LISTENING          11944
When I'm connected on the local machine, I also get:
  TCP    [::1]:8096            [::1]:51528         ESTABLISHED     11944
  TCP    [::1]:51528          [::1]:8096           ESTABLISHED      9304 (Chrome)
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can you browse to the server from another machine?


either \\ip or \\servername


can you see the server in explorer on the win 10 machine


my initial guess would be you have not enabled "file sharing" on the server so its not discoverable - as its a server the machine is much more locked down than Win 10 by default

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Check windows firewall and make sure there are no rules blocking mediabrowser.serverapplication.exe

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Thanks for the responses. I ended up trying another new port and it worked. I still don't understand why 8096 didn't work, but I'm at peace with it and can move on, it's pretty awesome so far.

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