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What do I need to install on my fresh Ubuntu server to make it into an emby server?


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Requirements for media server:


-Emby Server within docker


-File sharing/NAS


-RDP or VPN access




I'm a newbie linux user. My main box is a win 10 anniversary update, so I have bash.


What do I need on my freshly installed headless Ubuntu server?


1. NFS or Samba?


2. xRDP or SSHFS or VNC? Not sure which ones I need or if I need all of them. Recommendations?


3. SSH keys? fail2ban? 


4. Emby server


5. Docker


6. Bash on windows 10 (SSH)


What else?


I hear a lot of buzz words but not sure which ones I should be grabbing or exactly why to be honest. 


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Thanks for the response. Yeah I took a glance at the instructions. Seems fine for just setting up emby server, but I was hoping I can get more hand holding regarding what software do I need for turning my stock Ubuntu server into a secure file sharing server that I can hit from bash windows 10. Unless I'm overlooking what exactly is included in the docker container. 



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