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Emby in LXC & Chromecast


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This is my current server setup:

|                |
|   Fedora 24    |           ____________________
|    Nginx proxy |           |                   |
|            LXC ------------|    Debian Jessie  |
|________________|           |     Emby Server   |

The outer nginx procy forwards port 80 (so I can just type in "mediapc/" into firefox for the UI, port 443 and the standard emby port for the Android apps to find the server.


But I've noticed that it's not possible to Chromecast anything from this server. I suspect that it's because the port the chromecast protocol is using isn't port forwarded. I tried to Wireshark the connection and couldn't figure out what needed to be open.


I hope you guys can help me with this :( Would be nice to use Chromecast again! :)

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It could also be the cert. Is it a cert that chromecast trusts? There is no way to override it and force CC to accept an untrusted cert.

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Hmm...I don't know. I didn't set up anything specifically.


But installing emby on the Fedora host just works. So whatever emby is doing by default is enough to make it work.


Or do you think the outer nginx needs to do the ssl termination with a certificate?

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