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Missing music artists


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Dear Emby Community.


I can not see artists and album artists in any of emby client (chrome, android, kodi) while I can see it in Metadata Manager tree.

Songs and albums are showing property in all clients.


It is fresh installation of Emby Server, version 3.0.64000.0 on Debian Jessie.


I have proper ID3 tags (I suppose).

Music is kept in mp3, wma and flac files. It is stored on xfs partition.


I run emby as non-default user - changed EMBY_DATA variable. I have also changed location of EMBY_DATA folder. All file permissions are OK.

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Hi, there is a change to music artists for the next release that is related to this. When that is available please try and if it's still an issue we'll take a deeper look at this. Thanks!

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Grate. Thank you very much for your interest. I am looking forward to next release then.



With version 3.0.8300 everything works fine. Thanks a lot.

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