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Unable to connect to server via mobile apps


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Hi everyone.... 


First let me thank to all developers and contributors of emby for their valuable efforts on this project.


I am trying to switch to Emby from Plex with respect to following history


- Installation on my remote server is OK

- Connecting to any media on my remote server via web browser (through remote ip and port) is OK. I could reach watch/listen to any media on the server without any problem .

- Connecting to any media on my remote server via ANDROID APP is NOK

- Connecting to any media on my remote server via IOS APP is NOK


- I can see my remote servers name on mobile apps but no success for both mobile apps to connect to the remote server !!   the error message I faced up for both negative cases is  "Connection Failure    We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." 




My tryouts to define the problem


- I checked if my port is opened via external testing website . The result is OK

- I switched off my server's firewall completely and tried to connect via mobile apps , but the result is NOK



So what  do you guys suggest me !!


thank you in advance for your valuable time.


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Ok gentlemen. I somehow sort it out :) no need to pay attention !!


My resolution for the pals who had faced up the same problem;


- I UNCHECKED "run server at startup" on the server settings screen.

- I activated EMBY windows service in service list

- I have chosen to start service "automatically in delay"



thats all !



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