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Fire TV (2nd Gen) Audio Issues

David Martin

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David Martin

Not sure if this is just happening to my device or if its applicable to other peoples too. I've found a few things I think are related to what I'm experiencing.








I've been noticing an issue with pretty much any content being streamed to my second generation fire tv box. It dose not seem to be just Emby but also on Netflix, BBC news and a few other media applications. 


When ever a video is played either the audio dose not work at all or has an odd issue where it'll play normally for around 20 seconds then it'll drop out for a few seconds then come back and repeat the cycle.


Its happening with all the containers and codecs I've tried so far including





-Dolby surround


Is anyone else having similar issues with it?

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David Martin

Yeah that's what I was thinking.

Apparently they're working on a fix for it so hopefully well get it pretty soon, in theory at least.

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