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Win10 Server, Multi platform clients crashing during sync


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My EMBY Server is on a Win10 platform.  I have a very large collection of HD movies as well as music and heavy metadata.  When linking a lower powered device like a raspberry PI, the compelling  of the DB crashes during the syncing process.  I reduced the amount of threads and metadata a number of times only to sync my movie DB to it.  Adding music (approx 250k songs with metadata and fan art) it just jams everything up.  I am thinking of hosting my music files locally on the raspberry since storage is cheap as well as metadata so that it is less taxing on the machine and can pull music and metadata hopefully faster but at a minimum it would be able to still have an impressive GUI presentation.  I would have to uninstall EMBY and reinstalling sync it. Omit the music and add it as root but how am i am able to have the meta data stored on that drive as well hopefully for both music and movies?  I can omit the music portion as it seemed to be pretty solid without it although the sync took several hours, then add the external HD to root for music also.  Please help me optimize these noncore zones using smaller lower power single board computers.  

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