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iOS 10 Compatibility

Darin Shoemaker

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Darin Shoemaker

I've noticed over the weeks of testing the various iOS 10 Public Betas that Emby is not a happy camper. Playback works so-so but the browsing of folders and files is impossible with crashes and sticks at loading most of the time.


Trying not to complain. Just trying to inform! =)


iOS 10 final should drop to the public by early September so you guys have about a month to figure it out before your flooded by the angry mob.

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1.22 in iOS 10 crashes on me the second time I open certain context menus, the ones that have the grey iOS colors.  


Example 1: When I click "collections" in iOS, it brings up a grey iOS colored box with my Movies / TV / Music options. Great. But if I click away, and make it come back up, the app crashes. 


Example 2: In a music album, if I click the context menu button that looks like a [ ... ] then it will come up and display:


Add to playlist


Edit Info

Edit images



But if I discard the menu and try to pull it up a second time, the app crashes.


It can also be any combination of Example 1 and Example 2. Essentially it crashes the second time it opens any grey iOS colored menu.

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