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Server 3.0.5985.0 High CPU usage when browsing libraries

Maximus Naxsus

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Maximus Naxsus

I update my Emby Server to version 3.0.5985.0 recently and my CPU usage while browsing with Edge has more than doubled.

Windows 10 x64 10586.494
Phenom x6 @ 4,1 GHZ


Furthermore, FYI, I use PhenomMsrTweaker. Under average conditions my PC doesn’t use more power then 170 W, now when browsing Emby it jumps to ~260 W. Also, I keep a close eye on Process Explorer.



I seem to have the same issue on my ThinkPad T530 (i5 3230). However it occurred during streaming.

Previously I used Emby Server with Emby Theather (old version) on my Server. The high CPU usages occurred while clicking trough serie episodes, about 1 episode every 3s.

The high CPU usage on my laptop was gone when I closed Edge. After that Emby Server (the server webpage) streamed 720p/4 MBps without any hiccups or glitches.


This might indicate that it has something to do with the Windows 10 x.420 update to x.494? Is anybody here on the Windows 10 'fast ring'? If so what is your experience with Edge while comparing the different builds?



I had an recurring streaming issue. Attempted to uploud the server log however it's 61 MB. Here is an Onedrive link: https://1drv.ms/t/s!Asn6NNog54FdjIVX35DTwZ8UFJE-Dw.This log includes the time frame where I experienced the 'high CPU usage' issue.

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Maximus Naxsus

I'll do that. When this happens again I'll get the server logs. Mean while I have updated my original post.

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