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Xbox One WMV HD playback via Emby Theater loses 5.1 Audio


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I am totally loving the new Emby Theater accessible through the Xbox One browser. There are a lot of 1080p videos in my collection that are in WMV format.


video: Windows Media Video 9

audio: Windows Media Audio 9 Professional - 640 kbps, 48 kHz, 5.1 channel 24 bit


The video plays very well but it seems as if it is losing the 5.1 audio and transcoding it to just mono or something because it is only being played through my center speaker and no audio is coming from my surround speakers or subwoofer which almost makes the video unwatchable due to how bad it sounds.


When I play through DLNA or do "cast to device" from my windows 10 PC it plays the audio in 5.1 without any problems.


I'm also a paying Emby Premiere member and I love the Emby Theater interface and everything about it on my Xbox One but I can't use it to watch these videos with what it is doing to the audio so I have to continue streaming them to my Xbox One the way I was before via DLNA or casting it from my PC.


Is there anything I can do or that can be done in a future update that won't mess up the audio like it is?


Thank you.


(I'm sure it will be even better once the Xbox One has universal app support and it can have its own native Emby app.)



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