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MAC OS EMBY corrupted database


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Hi Guys,


Just a quick one, one friend has setup emby on his iMac and he needs to fix his database as he receives the message: "Database disk image is malformed" every time he scans the library.

Can you please help me locate the library.db file location on a Mac (or the relevant file I need to delete to fix it)? Couldn't find it anywhere no matter where I looked.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi, the server's program data path is displayed on the front page of the emby server dashboard. library.db is in a data sub-folder underneath that.

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I've posted the mac version of the new release a little early so that new users can start getting it now. You can grab it from the website if you'd like to try it:




The release is not up on the blog yet but you can read the changelist from the latest beta:




Lots of performance improvements, bug fixes, and a few new features. Enjoy.

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