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MBS Feature: Allow Manual Override Of Incorrect CoverArt


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Trialing Plex for a few months, there was a pretty neat feature within their Server software that would be handy if added to Media Browser....


Sometimes when the server picks up a movie cover that is incorrect or can't pick the movie cover up at all, there was an option called 'Fix Incorrect Match' which basically allowed a manual keyword search and also allowed the user to select a source scraper.  This would then return a list of results (movie name and year) and the user could select the appropriate movie they were looking for and then allowed the user to override the built in search and (for me) returned a 100% success rate of retrieving all invalid and missing covers.


I understand that Media Browser should probably automatically retrieve, however, I have come across this issue multiple times now where I have named the movie incorrectly (only slighty - e.g. Space missing, character wrong, etc) and Media Browser will not retrieve the correct title, even after manually correcting the name of the movie/folder and hitting 'Refresh Metadata', it still doesn't work.


I have to manually go in and delete the Movie.xml file plus all files relating to that movie (excluding the actual movie file) and try again.  If that doesn't work I have to try manually editing the metadata, save it and try again.  Last resort I have been manually deleting the 'TheMovieDB ID', plug in the IMDB ID, save and refresh again - that seems to work.


If we had a 'Fix Incorrect Match' option (or similar) it could override all the manual labour involved and link the returned result directly to the movie.  Even if the movie was named incorrectly, it would still apply all the correct metadata, coverart, etc. to the right place.

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Good day,


Why going to all that steps to correct things? Simply at the titles you have wrong metadata/images, simply click on "Edit" then at the metadata "External id's" and put the correct id for the title, then save and refresh.


If you want to change the images for any reason, still more option, click on images and there you have.


My best

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Thanks for the reply and I do agree, however, I was just going to add that although you can manually plug in the correct ID for a movie, you still have to go and find it externally, copy and paste the ID, refresh, etc.  Just thought it could be quicker to have MBS do it all in-house.....it does everything else!  :)


Was just putting across an idea after trying to show a (not-so 'media browser' illiterate) person how to add covers to their movies.  Confused them a little with trying to demonstrate going to external websites to grab IDs, edit metadata, etc.

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