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Folder.jpg being replaced by banner image


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Some of my TV series folder images are being replaced with a banner image.



I'm not sure when it started exactly. 4 weeks ago i think.

I have deleted the entire tv folder of metadata and media browser re-downloads the correct image for folder and the correct treatment is applied by cover art.

Within 24 hours the folder image is replaced with a banner image still with a cover art treatment just squished. Its the same series all the time and there are other series within the collection that are fine. I can delete image from media browser metadata editor and it will get correct folder again. 

I dont think sickbeard is doing it, but could be wrong. Dont have sickbeard setup to get art, and its just some of the series that sickbeard gets.


Any ideas from the community?






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we never replace existing images unless you do it manually in the editor. if you have the anime plugin, i know that occasionally replaces images. aside from that i'm not sure.

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