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Max streaming rate per user


Max Streaming rate per user/device  

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  1. 1. Max Streaming rate

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I don't know how I should vote on this... Why can't I have my cake AND eat it to. Here's my thinking.


1. Keep the hard limit max WAN bitrate option.

2. Also implement an admin-controlled per-user "max bitrate per stream" option.

3. Implement an admin-controlled per-user "max number of simultaneous streams" option to work along with the above control.



In the absence of any limits for the options listed above, the limit defaults to the previous level of control.

I agree with this.


plus maybe a "per site" or "external IP" limit.


Just per user or device won't do anything useful IMO. Users can't be anywhere from any device...

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It'd be nice to have both. But at this point last I looked most apps(devices) had options to set the stream. Where a per-user would be better IMO as it would follow them.

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I have another question about bandwidth.


Lets say I have 20 Mbit Upload and user A uses 15 Mbit of it.

Now User B connects and the movie he like to stream needs 14 Mbit, so in total it would be 29 Mbit and no one is able to stream without issues.


So it would be nice to have some sort of a feature like Max Bandwidth divided through active Users. So if I have 2 active Users, both get 10 , but if only one is active give him as much as possible. 


Or maybe the Max Bandwidth Limitatiton under Playback > Streaming  is already doing something like this?


I mean to limit every Device is nice, but I guess most people have more users then Bandwidth but not every user is active all the time




Edit: As a plus, a message sent to the user like "force Transcoding, not enough Bandwidth" or similar to to client woudl be awesome, so he knows why it is stuttering for a short time

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It's problematic to "split" bandwidth unless Emby takes up what Plex does.  Plex has dynamic bandwidth adjusting which allows the transcoder to change bandwidth on the fly as needed.


The problem is that you really can't direct play videos anymore in this fashion because there is no way to dynamically change the bitrate unless the files is running through the transcoder.  In order to do this things that direct play now at best would direct stream.  Then bitrate adjustments could be made.


Typically instead of streaming a MP4/mkv files you would not also need to use HLS which means lots of small segments being written to disk which raises the IO requirements of the machine as well.


There are definitely Pros and Cons to doing things like this and just thought I'd throw this out for anyone who hasn't thought about how this would likely need to work.

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Also make sure its based on ACTIVE streams. Meaning a user can be logged in 50 times but if a user is set to 2 streams and only 1 is active they can still start another stream.

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it would be better if the server administrator could limit how many devices that user can use in their profile

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