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Unsupported Content warnings on Sony Bravia KDL-42W670A


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 Over the last couple of months, as I've sporadically upgraded emby, I've noticed some content streaming issues via DLNA to my KDL-42W670A.

I've had these in the past but was extremely happy with how comprehensive emby was before now. Until Jan 1st I don't think I'd ever actually had something streamed by emby give me an Unsupported content warning. 


The most understandable is when something will stream, gives the warning, but then audio or video wont work... but extremely confusingly and somewhat telling that something is set wrong in the profile, I have a complete show that plays fine, Audio works, Video works... but displays the unsupported content warning over the top of the show that is playing fine!?


I'm happy to dig in and begin tweaking the profile to try and find the source of the issue, but I'm not sure what the best way to begin debugging this issue is. I'm not even sure how I can confirm which profile emby is using to stream to the TV and that the issue isnt emby mistakenly using too new of a profile, one that might be meant for newer sony bravia tvs. 

Sony's website is frankly useless for this sort of info. I checked the codec support and the show that plays audio and video fine but with the unsupported content warning over the top is using the supported codecs, creating further confusion as to how to get to the bottom of this DLNA issue. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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HI, welcome. Can you show us the media info as seen in the web client, as well as the sony documentation that shows what the supported content is? thanks.

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The best info I can find about the TV's specifications and codec support is here http://www.sony.com.au/support/product/KDL-42W670A#spec - Sorry but its not very comprehensive. (at least in my opinion)


The Media Info is:

Media Info

Aspect ratio16:9
Bitrate1693 kbps
Bit depth8 bit
Pixel formatyuv420p
Ref frames8
Channels6 ch
Sample rate48000 khz
Path/storage/media/TV Shows/Friends/Season 2/Friends S02E24 1080p 5.1Ch BluRay.mkv
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What year is this tv from? I think the level 51 h264 might be a little high. Right now that's my best guess. Either that or the 48000 khz sample rate.

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This model is from 2013.


The DLNA profile selection regex for this model number also matches Sony Bravia (2013).xml only (tested using each Bravia profile's regex against the model number). This may be the source of the problem as no VideoLevel is specified as a ProfileCondition so unsupported H.264 profiles and levels will slip past. In my experience many DLNA DMRs and DMPs are pretty naive and will attempt to decode anything that appears vaguely compatible but with strange side-effects.


Audio rate & codec shouldn't be a problem as this model was officially sold in Australia where the Racing.com channel broadcasts HE-AAC 128kbps 48kHz.


@TechDragon: A simple way to confirm Luke's suspicion is to create a custom DLNA profile based on the Sony Bravia (2010) profile but change the Identification -> Friendly name from KDL-\d{2}[EHLNPB]X\d[01]\d.* to KDL-42W670A so that it only matches on your exact model number, that will also ensure that the more conservative h264 bitrate and level restrictions are applied. If this makes the problem disappear then the VideoLevel ProfileConditions can be revised upwards until it fails again.

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The latest beta of Emby Server, 3.1.125, has numerous fixes for Sony Blu ray players from years 2013-2016. The changes will also be in the next stable release of Emby Server. Since I have a device for testing I am now able to test it fully and with the changes I've made everything is now playing perfectly.

It's possible that some of these improvements can be applied to older players or sony bravia tv's, but I do not have those devices available to test with, so for that I'll need to rely on community help. Enjoy.

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